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Day 1! Montreal Jazz Fest

June 28, 2012

It`s finally Montreal`s Musical Christmas!   So much to see and do…

Let`s start with the big opening night show:  Rufus Wainwright


He hinted in his press conference that he will have members of his family and the McGarrigle Sisters join him so I have a feeling it`s going to be a special night.  The Big FREE show starts at 9:30 and you know the rules, get there early, don`t push and trust the security guards:  They have been doing this for years and know how to make sure a crowd of 100,000 a good time.

I`ve got two indoor shows on my list for tonight:  at 6pm the local series has Rafale Zaldivar performing in Làstral.   I`m mainly going to see saxophonist Greg Osby… one of the best parts of the local series is when you get an international star showing up in a small setting!

If you`re lucky enough to get a Bill Frisell  ticket please let me know all about it on my facebook page.

Two big shows which I had to choose between (first day and I already have conflicts):   Ziggy Marley at Metropolis and Jack Bruce (Cream!!!!) CIndy Blackman, John Medeski and Vernon Reid playing Spectrum Road at Place Des Arts.

I chose Jack Bruce.  Full update tomorrow….

update!!   Just got some footage of Rufus` soundcheck… here`s a little treat of what you`re in for tonight!


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  1. A possibly one-time-only tour of Blackman-Santana/Bruce/Reid/Medeski, versus the always solid but still young Ziggy? Hard to believe there was any hesitation. Looking forward to your writeup.

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