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Day 3. Montreal Jazz Fest

June 30, 2012

I did an oldschool radio hit this morning

which was kind of hard to do as I’m zonked from yesterday night.  I may be getting a little long in the tooth but a full afternoon in the sun followed by 3 shows back to back, then waking up at 4:30 for work may not have been the best idea…

Let’s begin with what I saw last night


The Ninety Miles show was great, just what the Doctor ordered…  Stefon Harris (pronounced steh-fon), David Sanchez (pronounced dah-veed) and Nick Payton (prononced nick) led the group.  Stefon on vibes, Davis on sax and Nick filling in for Christian Scott on trumpet along with a heavy latin rhythm section really made me happy.   I got there right before they started so I had to sit in the front row which would have been great except for the fact that the vibes blocked my view of the percussion section.

Nick kept giving me odd looks,

but maybe he just liked my

bowlerama t shirt

I then went to Stanley Clarke’s invitation series featuring the Harlem String Quartet.  Really slick show, however the crowd kind of irritated me.  They seemed to cheer more for the guy with cool hair than the one who didn’t dress as slick.   However they were pretty great and Stanley’s extended slapping bass solo was groin-grabblingly good

This is when I made my mistake,  I left Stanley Clark and walked into the theater next door to see Wayne Shorter.  I knew what I was in for and should have chosen not to go.   I really like that style of avant garde out there jazz, but I have to be in the mood for it.  And by show three of a long day, I wasn’t.  I would definitely see him again though, just under different circumstances.

Do you think they really wanna be that close to Mario Castro or are they just taking advantage of the stage?  We have got a hot few days ahead, so do not forget sunscreen and water!  The wonderful people at Naya are filling up your refillable bottles… for only $1.50 for 600ml …  Great deal!  I would suggest the many water fountains in every venue.  You can also find them in the shopping center by the washrooms and in Place Des Arts in that little area beside the resto-bar kind of behind those weird artsy black walls with the animated thingy.

I’m going to check out the guitarissimo series tonight, Larry Coryell is playing at 7.  Click on the link and tell me he doesn’t look like Colonel Saunders

Then I’m going to see Lila Downs at Metropolis at 10.  My girlfriend really likes her and even though she’s out of town I’m still going for some reason.  Totally whipped.

Another early morning tomorrow, let’s see how long it takes me to stop making sense!

follow me on facebook and let me know what you’ve seen.. or just call me a jerk.


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