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Day 4: Montreal Jazz fest Sunday! part 1

July 1, 2012

Bonne Fete National!   We can say that, right?

I’m interviewing Fishbone later this evening, so make sure to check back here around 8pm… or just follow me on my facebook page


I find that 4pm at the CBC stage is a great spot, not only for the solid jazz but for the funny pictures.  I didn’t even know I was a union member…

I did it again, 3 shows in one night then working the morning show on cjad, I’m doing fine but I kind of think I’m a hummingbird.

First I went to the guitarissimo series to see fusion master Larry Coryell  He did a mainly acoustic set, opening with a sweet cover of She’s Leaving Home by the Beatles.  Have you ever noticed that the only people who can do Beatles songs without sounding cheesy is 70’s guitar guys?  Just sayin…   Anyhoo, his set was great and I was genuinely happy to watch him.

ImageThen I finally saw GRUBB.  It was really a good show, the kind of thing you bring a date to.  It was a full on “show”  with a story being told, great music and props, etc… I now understand why it has been carried over from the Montreal En Lumiere to the jazzfest year after year.

I finished my night with Oaxaca native Lila Downs.  What a voice on her, very impressive.  And the band was ridiculously awesome.  Apparently we have a lot of Mexicans in the city right now – the place was packed.  Security was being very careful not to let people film the show or take pictures but I found this footage that i had absolutely nothing at all to do with, I swear it

One more morning show to deal with tomorrow so I’m only going to see two shows tonight.  It’s your last chance to see Stanley Clarke‘s invitation series.  This should be a good one as it’s just him with his own band.  And Run Brunner Jr is a killer drummer…  He is not the only former member of Suicidal Tendencies in town tonight as Rocky George is playing guitar for Fishbone!  Say what you want about metal but it sure does produce some great musicians.
Other shows worth seeing tonight is Dr Lonnie Smith, who plays twice tonight and tomorrow at Upstairs (I’m going tomorrow), Victor Wooten, and Chris Botti.  If you see any of them, post a review on my facebook page.  And check back here later for my Fishbone interview

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  1. I thought Steve Hill was phenomenal. He played solo- no band, no tracks, not even a kazoo. The man can fill up the stage with his presence. Our local boy rules!

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