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Day 5! Montreal Jazz fest reviews and previews, plus me blabbing about stuff

July 2, 2012

I am finally done the long weekend of morning shifts!  Got in a nap and a workout and I`m back to normal


Stanley Clarke finished his portion of the invitation series last night with his own band.  The invitation is always great but it`s really nice at the end to see the star playing with the guys he`s used to.  It was a killer show, really put a smile on my face.  There was one group that kept cheering during his bass solo and it was starting to irritate some of us… Stanley gave him a funny look and it was all taken care of.  Truly loved it, heavy festival jazz… it`s what  I`m here for

I made the mistake of saying on the air this morning that this may be the first fest without rain – I`m looking outside as I write this and realized I jinxed it.  Sorry – my bad

Fishbone Were awesome last night!   I interviewed guitarist Rocky George before the show – you can listen to it here.  And you probably should, it was a good one.

I realized watching them that this is they are true to the link of Sly and The Family Stone, Parliament, P-Funk, etc…..  Super heavy, super rockin, tons of reggae and funk and just pure musical awesomeness.  This one was truly groin-grabbingly good.  Norwood is one of the best rock / funk / reggae bassists ever.  Trust me.   And as I mentioned yesterday having Rocky George and Ron Brunner Jr (from the Stanley Clarke band) means two former members of Suicidal Tendencies played the jazzfest yesterday.  So nyaah nyaah nyaah..

Tonight I`m going to see Dr Lonnie Smith at Upstairs.  It was a tough decision, but I`m going to have to skip Ron Carter…  it`s rare to see him in a place like that and may be my only chance.  If you go see Ron, please post a review on my facebook page.  Have I mentioned that you should like my facebook page enough?  Get the hint already..  I`ll be running back to the festival site for my must-see-no-chance-I`d-miss-it show of the fest.  Miles Smiles.  They`ve started adding these tributes featuring alumni a few years ago and I haven`t seen a bad one yet.  True to what Miles would have wanted, rather than  just playing a cover of the record, the musicians take the spirit of the recording and do their own thing.  I`ve been looking forward to this one for a long time.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for my reviews and previews, follow this blog and like my facebook page!  I assure you I have no anterior motives

 The pile of tickets on my kitchen table is starting to take on a life of it`s own…


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