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Day 6! The Big Tuesday at the Montreal Jazzfest

July 3, 2012

I took a lot of great pictures yesterday… and accidentally deleted them.  you’ll have to use the photo’s in your mind while reading my reviews.

Dr Lonnie Smith was incredible last night.  And seeing him at Upstairs made it extra special.  The sound and atmosphere are so perfect in that place, getting to see a legend like Lonnie is something I’ll never forget.  They have shows every night for the rest of the fest so it’s a pretty good bet to make reservations to see something.

The Miles Smiles tribute can probably be described as a musical orgasm.  Maybe it was the electric bass,  but the show reminded me more of something from later in his career, like On The Corner or even Tutu.   Joey DeFrancesco’s playing was particularly wild.  Truly a great night.

I realized that I’m giving such great reviews it must seem that I like everything, actually I’m just making very good choices with my tickets.  I’ve been very lucky so far.

Tonight is the big show.  Escort performing outdoors in front of a billion people.  Or 100 000, either way it’s going to be packed. As I’ve said before, do what security says -they will keep the crowd flowing so everyone has a good time.  Here`s a little footage of their rehearsal this afternoon – DISCO BABY!!!

Tonight I’m planning on seeing either L’Orkestre des Pas Perdus or James Carter , then check out Escort for a bit and end my night in the Gesu to see Aaron Parks and Joey Calderazzo.  i truthfully don’t know much about them but I haven’t been to the jazz dans la nuit once yet and it’s always my favorite series.

Another hot ticket tonight is Billy Bragg with Sophie Hunger.  If you go please post a review on my facebook page.

I really wanted to make sure  apicture went in this post so here are some random hipsters

Actually it`s Misteur Valaire  from their press conference this afteroon.  They are releasing a new live album today.   Don`t forget to send all your feedback on the fest, my posts and my haircut.. post it on ym facebook page.   And enjoy tonight, the weather is awesome and it`s gonna be a great party!  I have a feeling I`ll be sleeping in tomorrow…


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