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Day 7: Montreal jazz festival continues

July 4, 2012

It is really quiet in the press office today.. Escort destroyed us last night!  But let`s not get ahead of ourselves..

I got a message from the promoters in Quebec city.

 Apparently Montrealers think the Roger Waters show is sold out

It isn`t… so get your pass fast… as Roger himself said

“If you miss this show, you`re just stupid”

I started my evening yesterday with the James Carter organ trio.   All aspiring jazz musicians should pay attention to what he does with the sax.  People go to school to unlearn the “mistakes” that he makes on purpose… playing with the horn, squeals, etc..  The problem with studying too much jazz is that you completely have the swing beat out of you!  He plays loose and he has fun, that`s what jazz is.   The set started with a hard bop song, I would have loved if they played like that all night but it mainly went into blues from that point on.  special guest Miche Braden has a wonderful voice, she is starring  in The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith for the rest of the week.  I would have been happier had they just swung hard all night… but it was still pretty great

Then the party began……..

Escort was AMAZING!!!!  Real Larry Levan, Paradise Garage style HARD DISCO.  And this is the Randomyzer talking…  17 piece  band with loud horns and strings, incredible harmonies and a diva singer who is a true star.  Aside from the tribute to Donna Summer (Bad Girls) and the Québécois salute at the end they did all originals, which could have easily been on the Salsoul label back in the day  except for on cover:  In the Bush.  I`m serious when I say this was a randomyzer dream set.  I hereby declare that I will never miss an opportunity to see them live.

From there I  ran to the Jazz Dans La Nuit series to see Aaron Parks do a piano duo with Joey Calderazzo.  Considering I ran into that chilled out room after a high energy disco party I was worried they would totally change my mood and bring down my high.  They didn`t.  Two amazing players gave me just the come down I needed to make it home… where my and my buddies continued to listen to disco / reggae records and party till the wee hours…

I have some visitors for the next few days, Alex Skolnick trio bassist Nathan Peck and his lovely lady Viv are experiencing their first Montreal Jazz Festival this week.

I don`t know who the guy in the green is but he wanted to be in the picture with us…

Notice how much better I look than the rest of them?  That`s because I train with Benji.  Wanna look as great as me?  Contact him.

 Or continue on with your flabby lives, not my problem

Patrick Watson is playing the big room of Place Des Arts tonight, apparently he asked security that I not be allowed into the room, so if you get to see his highness, please post a review on my facebook page.  I`m hoping to see the new invitation series,  Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen starts his first of four shows tonight.  Then I`ll probably check out some of the outdoor stuff, which has been awesome this year and head back into the gesu at 10:30 for trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire.  I`m going to force myself to stay out late tonight as JASS have been performing in L`Astral for free and I really wanna see their set at least once

Make sure to share this blog and like my facebook page.  I know it`s not just my mom and the dorfman reading this!!!!


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