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Day 8. Montreal Jazz fest reviews and previews….

July 5, 2012

I spent the day alone yesterday, luckily I brought along my Bear to kep me company.  He`s a pretty cool guy but he is always telling me to light things on fire.  I don`t know why he felt the need to wear a scarf, it was really hot out – but you can`t argue with him once his mind is made up.  We were having a good day, until the sudden storm at around 5pm.  He suggested going to see Ted but I told him I`d rather read and have a cup of tea.  I gave him a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit which he seemed to be enjoying until the part where the kid gets sick and they have to throw the rabbit out.  Bear said he needed to go for a walk after that and he didn`t come home till 4 in the morning, stinking of schnapps mumbling about how “you can`t trust them”…

I saw two shows in L`Astral last night.  First was the Adrian Vedady Trio featuring Marc Copland.  Marc said they were going to be playing spacey music to make your mind wander but I found it pretty straight forward.  I truly enjoyed it, great local group.

As a treat I got to see quite a few of the outdoor shows last night.  There was a pretty cool reggae band from France called Danakil, however reggae is like the blues, lot`s of people can play it very well, but a few people play it with magic.  Once you`ve felt the magic, the other stuff just doesn`t cut it.

Heading back indoors, I took in a swedish trio headed by Colin Vallon,

this stuff was spacey…   As my mom said “really makes you wanna get up and dance.

Not sure if she was really into it, we left at the intermission.

There is a lot going on tonight, so I`m going to play it by ear.  I`m thinking of dressing up as Liza Minnelli  and getting into fistfights in Place Des Arts, a lot of people have been asking me to get them into Emir Kusturica (buy a ticket you bums) and it`s always a treat to see Oliver Jones with Peter Appleyard and I really hope I get into Pat Martino.  If you are a night owl or just wanna try staying up late Kalmunity are playing in the Savoy at midnight for the rest of the fest.

Whatever you see, please post your comments on my facebook page

And whatever you do, don`t bring your Bear.  It`s just not worth the trouble.


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  1. Bears are cuddly…great read. I want to meet your Mother…she`s cool.

  2. How did that Liza Minnelli thing go?

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