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Day 9: Montreal jazzfest reviews and previews.. but mainly funny pictures

July 6, 2012

What a night!   After Thursday I really needed a night of some capital `J`JAZZ and I got it.. but first my afternoon adventures…

Sitting at my spot during the sunny afternoon, a ladybug landed in my lap.  I`m allergic to cats so this is as close as I`m gonna get to pet ownership.  I named her “Cinnamon”

Laginiappe Brass Band are in from New Orleans , playing for free on site during the day till the end of the fest.  They are super heavy and super fun.  What impressed me the most is their ability to harmonize vocally outdoors with no amplification, as well as their ability to make old men do funny dances

Really worth checking out and bringing the family to.  They run around the crowd and have lots of fun.

ready for another picture?

yes, I do look great… thanks to the circuit training from Benji, but what`s in the background?

This is what Wesley Willis was talking about

Ok, enough of my fun…music review time:

Tord Gustavson is hosting the invitation series, last night I saw him with a trio.   After seeing last night I have no choice but to see him every night till the fest is over.  It`s really cool music.  Håkon Kornstad was playing sax, but he stole the show when he used a sampler to loop his playing… then sang an incredible opera solo over it.  Really mind-blowing stuff.  Tonight Tord is doing a solo piano set… and I`m going

I took my mom to see Oliver Jones and I must admit, it was the oldest crown I`ve seen all fest.

They presented Peter Appleyard with the Oscar Peterson trophy and while he played I really think a lot of people were discovering him for the first time..

I have a feeling a lot of people went home and decided to get some of his stuff, I just hope they didn`t look at the ticket stub to remember his name..

I had to leave early, apparently they were still playing at midnight, that`s a really long show… I had tickets for Pat Martino`s organ trio and it was truly the highlight of my night.  His playing is as solid as his posture.   `nuff said

So much to do tonight, outdoors is Orgone and Maestro Fresh Wes…  yes, I said Maestro Fresh Wes.  Just watch your backbone, with all the gravel and cement…  Aside from Tord`s solo show my plan is to see Misja Fitzgerald and Cedar Walton. Considering I have to do the morning show tomorrow, that`s a pretty decent night

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  1. I’m curious how that Misja Fitzgerald Michel tribute to Nick Drake will be. I’m seeing Harry Manx with Kiran Ahluwahlia instead.

    • turns out it was moved to a different time and venue because of the flood a few weeks back – I`m going to try to see it tomorrow. Harry Manx should be great… let me know how the new room looks!

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