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Day 10: Montreal Jazzfest reviews and previews

July 7, 2012

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of the fest – ending on a Saturday instead of the Sunday really makes it feel shorter for some reason… 

 either way it’s my last day of sitting like this

while looking at this

I’m keeping up my streak of seeing solid shows,  I went back to the invitation series last night to see Tord Gustavsen playing piano solo, although he did whip out a melodica at one point.  He has a way of playing spacey music very straight-forward, which sounds odd but it works.  I had a great jazz-nap during one of the songs.  Don’t know what  a jazz-nap is?  It’s something that hardcore music fans know well.   during a great concert you find yourself nodding off,  but it’s not out of boredom, it’s out of comfort.  An amateur will fight it and bob their head up and down.. but the jazz fan knows to let it happen!   It’s a weird half-sleep where you completely hear the music.. when the song is over you open your eyes fully refreshed and totally feel great.  Ask anyone, we all do it.

I was watching the Samel Blais quartet  outdoors last evening and noticed the bass player looked familiar.   Still can’t remember his name but I’m pretty sure he owes me money.  Never hire a bass player to paint your fence, trust me.

Orgone played twice on the big stage, I saw most of the first one, killer funk band.  Super solid.

Maestro Fresh Wes played at 10, I made sure to see the first ten minutes of his set.   His set was great, but it wasn’t very good.  Let me explain before you start yelling at me…   it was a lot of fun and memorable, but the band was awful and he was huffing and puffing between lyrics, flow was off and he didn’t really do much with it.  Just a retro show, but the people enjoyed it.  One of the great things about the fest is that mainstream people will see something new and out of their comfort zone and realize how great it is.  This was the opposite:  not very good but familiar so enjoyable…. meh

Cedar Walton at the Gesu was incredible.  A full on no-nonsense bop show.  Not a lot of banter either, quick song intro’s with a short joke and they’d play.  Truly  a special night for me.

I need  to see Tord again tonight – this time with singer Solveig Slettahjell (it hurt my eyes to write her name). I’m going to try again to see Misja Fitzgerald, Chromeo is the big closing party on the main stage, and I would have liked to see Dirty Projectors, however they are on the same time as Lorraine Desmarrais and as always, I will be spending my last moments of jazzfest 2012 in the Gesu.

Make sure to post your reviews on my facebook page and tune in tomorrow for my recap, thoughts, and general ramblings,


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