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Aerosmith in Laval review and Iron Maiden preview

July 11, 2012

First I want you to notice that there are no pictures in this blog entry.  I know I’m crazy but when the band is playing I don’t have the desire to take a terrible picture to preserve the moment, I prefer to enjoy the moment.  Apparently these new inventions called newspapers have beautiful professional photographs the next day and they are way nicer than what you can take with your cell phone. Who new?

The Centre de la Nature is an amazing venue – it’s dug into a bowl and surrounded by trees, so unlike Parc Jean Drapeau the sound doesn’t travel and annoy the neighbours and it stays a lot cooler thanks to the forest.  I have a feeling that this concert series was a test by evenko to check the area out.  Next year we’ll probably see Heavy MTL and Osheaga moved – and trust me, they’ll both be a lot more pleasant. 

The sound was the best I’ve ever heard for an Aerosmith show – the rhythm section was nice and loud so the backups and keyboards were just accompaniments rather than all you hear.  Aerosmith isn’t about who’s soloing, their strength is Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford.  Actually, when Brad took the leads on Last Child,  Joe Perry finally started to kick ass.  

If you know me well then you know that every time Aerosmith have toured recently S.O.S (too bad) has been on the set and I always get excited to finally hear it live  only to find that they drop it by the time the tour reaches Montreal.  They hit the stage about 5 minutes late last night which forced them to drop one song… too bad Mikey!  My disappointment was quickly turned around when they played the James Brown classic  Mother Popcorn out of Joey’s drum solo into Walk This Way and You See Me Crying into Dream On.   The Dorf would have been very impressed. 

Back to the venue.  It really felt like an outdoor concert is supposed to – the surrounding forest really pushed it to the next level.  If they want to sue it next year they need to install more lights surrounding the place and a better system for finding where you parked your car but even walking out fo the show into darkness added to the ambience.  Lot’s of people were apparently complained about traffic after but my buddy and I found a great system:  get lost after the show and circle the park twice before finding the car. Absolutely no traffic when we drove out and I got home nice and early at 2 in the morning. 

Tonight is Iron Maiden with Alice Cooper opening at the Bell Center.  Maiden are paying tribute to their Seventh Son tour and Coop is just being Coop.  Gonna be a great night, especially if it’s my last at the Centre Babins (insert ironic foreshadowing music here).  Make sure to turn on CHOM 97.7fm on your way home.  I’ll be hosting a one hour metal file playing only Maiden and Coop.  The man himself, Alice Cooper will join me on air to talk about the gig so tune in or I’ll cut your legs off. 

Make sure to check my facebook page tomorrow as I’ll be posting the entire unedited chat with the Coop


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