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Iron Maiden with my unedited Alice Cooper interview

July 12, 2012

I don’t really need to talk about the show, Maiden are always awesome and last night was above and beyond.  Just incredible.   I would like to point out that these guys have never had regular airplay on the radio, yet they continue to sellout everywhere they go.  Not a crossover band, nor  a retro act, Iron Maiden is a very relevant band, currently on their fourth generation of fans.  The youngest group love the new albums as much as the grey-hairs love the old ones. At the shows you see kids at their first show, and dudes who have been seeing them for 20+ years (guilty).  Very few bands can pull this off, think about that.

Apparently I scared someone during the show… this dude behind me kept patting me on the shoulder to sit down during Alice Cooper.  I understand sitting in Place Des Arts, or when an old person rock band is playing a show – but nobody tells Mike Metal what to do at a metal show.  By the third time I apparently turned around with fire in my eyes and yelled “I AM NOT SITTING DOWN DURING ALICE FUCKING COOPER”.  He didn’t bother me again.  

It was a really good feeling to know that people were listening to the metal file in their cars on the drive home one last time.   Alice was my guest halfway through the show – but he likes to talk.. here’s is our complete conversation, raw and unedited – including things that didn’t make it to air.

I must admit that the sound wasn’t up to Bell Center standards… too many mids and the levels were a little wonky.  Bruce’s voice would jump up and down as would Steve’s bass.  I was really sad leaving my spot at the jazzfest last weekend, but I don’t think I’ll really miss the cramped seats and spilled beer of le Centre Bell.  Not to say I haven’t had amazing times there…  but other arena’s around Canada use a special lid on the cups that you can drink from without spilling all over yourself or the beer going flat.  It’s the little things that we don’t do here for some reason that really make the difference.

this is the most I’ve ever spent on a bootleg t-shirt

for seven bucks it better last long enough for me to pass it down to my children.

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