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So Long Suckers!

August 25, 2012

Ok, the ironic foreshadowing is done and the secret is out… at age 36 I am spreading my wings and leaving La Belle Province Tuesday.  To answer the most asked question:  No, I will not miss smoked meat and poutine.  However, I have compiled a list of things I actually will miss about Quebec – let’s see if the list grows once I’m actually living in “Canada”

stuff I’ll miss (aside from friends and family and all that hokey stuff)

french canadian re-recordings of popular american songs
hearing people complain about road closures and not caring since I don’t drive
the small group of people who think it’s funny when I say “Heidi Whitt”
seeing someone I know everywhere I go
smashing the chairs at the big owe “tic tac tabarnak, estie-calisse… Let’s go!”
hobo’s who just wave good morning to me instead of asking for money
saying I need to buy some piments verts and everyone knows what I mean
not having to explain who “The Great Antonio” was
the rocket, the flower, the roadrunner and the kid
knowing the door guys, bar staff, soundboard guys and security guards at every venue
hip events in run down old factories
fast food doesn’t come in a bun with ketchup, it comes in a pita with hommus
dollar cinema
bringing my stick when I go skating in the park because i know there will be a game of pickup within 15 minutes
wondering how Jack’s is still open every time I walk into Steve’s
using a fake address to scam a westmount library card
knowing the main is cooler than crescent even though I haven’t been to a club in 15 years
not going to a place for years then when it goes out of business complaining that no one supports stuff in this town
grownups who get really excited about Halloween
Plume, Gerry and The Pag
street names that start with “Saint”
knowing what happens if you order fries with mustard at the orange julep
La Guere des Tuques, Parlez-Moi, La Force G, Albator, Goldorak
Slim Goodbody, Bodyworks, Read All About It
If they aren’t answering their phones and I need to speak with the members of Voivod or any former staff member of the Hour, i can just go the Bifteck and find them
wondering if Georges is really le roi de sous marin, but never finding out

add your own comments, and stay in touch!

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  1. I am going to miss hoping for the chance that you might invite me to a metal concert just so you can scream in my ear and I might scream back and we both just nod our heads just to say ” I know.” So long. Farewell. Avedazeine. Goodnight! See you on Facebook.

  2. SMOOCH! Great list… good luck man… you’ll be missed.

  3. My good friend who I hardly and barely know I will miss all that you brought to the table in my fair city. Good luck and continued success in Van-City with the lovely Maria, I wish you both well. Montreal’s loss will be Vancouver’s gain.

  4. Mike, I’ll miss your early morning weekend chats with Dave Fisher just after the 6:00 news, and of course your Trivia Show audio quiz (it was always great, no matter what Dave thought about it).

  5. #11 permalink

    Good luck #13. Yuks forever!

  6. Judy permalink

    May the sun always be in front of you and the wind at your back. Wishing you
    much happiness and success in all your future endeavours
    You will be missed

  7. You made me laugh this morning OUT LOUD all the way through all the quirky things you will miss about La Belle Province! Thank you and good luck in the Wild Blue Yonder!

  8. dewar, susan permalink

    Bon Voyage, Mike. Heard it thru the grape vine…..;)!

  9. Nicole Ranger permalink

    Now you leaving and leaving Dave with no supervision so that he can run amok; that’s just not right. And Heidi Whitt only works for me with the second line added : Dave’s a ____ !

    All the best Mike; we know who really ran the week-end morning show at CJAD !

  10. Dino Mazzone permalink

    Mike – all kidding and bullshit aside, I will miss you. You are a one-of-a-kind original. You do what you want to do. And I greatly respect that. I will miss everything about you and seeing you on Sunday mornings. I wish you MUCH success. Hopefully, you will come across people in BC who recognize the talent you are and will give you the opportunity to shine bright. You deserve it. For what it’s worth, this place ain’t going to be the same with you. Please keep in touch. Dino

  11. edmund gleason permalink

    I enjoyed winning several audio quizes you created. What will you be doing in BC?

    • after a one year long distance relationship, what do you think?

      • edmund gleason permalink

        I was referring to whether or not you are in a music related positon out there. You are suited for it.

      • Yeah, well, that won’t pay the bills

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