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Anthrax and Testament at the Vogue

September 21, 2012

My first real metal show on the Waste Coast!   Things are definitely different here, let’s start with the venue…

Although I was assured by the staff that it holds 2100, the place is definitely smaller than Metropolis or Club Soda.  It is very nice, recently renovated, great sound and a “theater” atmosphere.  It was kind of like a cross between Le National, the Rialto and the Olympia.  Great air circulation too, which is really pleasant. The crowd is young, it’s kind of where metal was about 20 years ago in Montreal:  I was the only “old fart”, and it was a total sausage fest…  Remember what I said about the crowd at Olivia Newton John?  I was shocked to see that it’s like that everywhere – even metal shows.  It was a great, high energy, super metal crowd – and everyone was really polite.  I had a good spot up close yet no one was pressed against me, no one was banging into me, and when someone stepped on a cable and thought it was my toe he apologized and checked to make sure I was ok until I explained to him that he hadn’t even touched me.  Security were all smiles and it was a genuine good atmosphere…  maybe it’s true what they say about smoking all that pot.  Speaking of which, I went out back to have a puff and the security guy told me I was better off on the dance floor.  I didn’t believe him and enjoyed the fresh air, so I stayed outside but he was bang-on.  Absolutely no cigarettes but tons of smoke, Alex Skolnick confirmed that this is the only city where it’s still like this.  It’s really like being at an early 90’s show except not as sweaty.  

Testament were awesome, I found it hard to watch them because I couldn’t take my eyes off Gene Hoglan.  It’s ridiculously amazing to hear him playing Testament songs.  Truly a great match for the band after Paul Bostaph’s bizarre gardening accident.  Great setlist,  lot’s of focus on the new album and a great choice of classics.  I think they are finally past the point of   “must play songs” which made for a very nice blend.

I gotta say, it’s really nice hearing frontmen praise Canada.  Again, maybe it was all the pot smoke, but  it was still a pleasant change.  I’m not joking, I heard some dudes talking beside me chatting and they totally pronounced it “aboot”.

Anthrax killed it!   Jason Bittner from Shadows Fall did a great job filling in for Charlie Benante.  Even though he doesn’t have Charlie’s groove, he played the songs perfectly and gave the band what they needed to lock in.  Good energy, and again great choice of songs.  I don’t do spoilers, but the Montreal metalheads are really going to enjoy the selection from Persistence of Time.   I stood on Scott’s side and just watched him chug away, Frank Bello kept hinting for spliffs and Joey had a great bond with the crowd – it’s almost as if they’ve done this before.

The part of downtown with all the clubs is about as far away from my place as my old apartment was from Foufs and Metropolis so I enjoyed the same walk home that I’m used to post-show.  Only instead of walking down St Catherine, I took a bridge over the ocean.  Way more pleasant walk… until I started thinking about stopping in Al-Taib and noticed that nothing is open past 11 on a Thursday night. Some things are gonna take getting used to…

Tonight is Accept and Kreator at the Rickshaw theater – stay tuned…

  1. Mike G permalink

    Haha!! Going outside to light up at a rock/metal show in Vansterdam…… Such a foreigner……………..

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