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Roger Steffens Interview and Wailers at the Commodore Review

February 25, 2013

Two days later and I’ve finally got the haze out of my brain… I’ve gotta say that Vancouver and it’s habits make for a great atmosphere to see the Wailers.

Historian Roger Steffens opened the show with a lecture and video presentation about the history of the album Survival.  As is known to happen in a sold out bar, the people who were drinking and chatting were very distracting and it didn’t make for the best lecture conditions…  luckily I spoke with Roger before the show and he gave some insights into his personal recordings , his life history, some truths about the Marley movie and said some very interesting things about Bunny.

A lot of the crowd really enjoyed the speech and I think it would be a great idea for him to come back, only this time in a proper lecture type atmosphere.

The Wailers were solid as always:  Drummie Zeb attacked his kit, Keith Sterling shone, guitarist Audley Chisholm wailed (I watched “Chizzy” during soundcheck, went up to him and said “You listen to a lot of Van Halen, don’t you?”   He replied with a huge smile) and Aston “Family Man” Barrett did what he does best:  school the world on how to play bass.   Fams’ son is a full member of the band now, playing keys and switching instruments with his dad for Exodus/ Punky Reggae Party.  I have a strong feeling that Fams is planning on retiring soon and he is grooming Family Man Junior to fill his shoes.  He is fit for the job.  I reviewed the show on CKNW the next morning… I was a little groggy

I finally found the great reggae promoters in Vancouver, Melo Productions sold out the venue and provided a great DJ and solid opening act.  Definitely going to be catching as many of their events as possible in the future, this city is finally starting to feel like home.

  1. Love it!!!

  2. What an awsome interview Metal Mike!!!

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