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Roger Waters in Quebec City

July 23, 2012

I had quite the adventures getting to this show which I won’t get into, all I can say is I wouldn’t recommend camping at KOA Quebec unless you like setting up your tent on gravel and you don’t mind swimming by the highway.

First, here’s the review I did on air Sunday Morning

and here’s the one I did Monday morning

As for all the talk that it would be a different show from the rest  of the tour, it wasn’t.  Except for one moment which totally blew my mind.  He had these new lasers which projected into space.  They weren’t just spotlights, way too precise for that.   Check these pics

This is what they looked like when they hit the clouds.  Totally death star.

They were perfectly aligned with the projections on the wall.

It was incredible, planes started circling around to see them.  Again, unlike anything I have ever seen in my life.  I stopped looking at Roger because I could not take my eyes of these things.

As for the projections, I noticed that many shots of Roger were pre-recorded and not actually live, which is pretty standard for rock shows these days.  Seeing the clarity of the original animation projected on such a huge wall was pretty sweet.  I’m not sure if Roger was happy with the destruction of his pig but went along with it – what else could he do?  I know people are thinking he’ll be releasing this show as a dvd but I really think he would more likely use a show where he spoke english to the crowd.

Was he finally saying something about Dark Side of Oz?  Is this Dorothy against the moon?

I cannot recommend the Festival D’ete enough.  It’s the only place where you can go to an outdoor show that sounds like an arena concert.  Check it out next year.

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